Abbotts View Alpacas – Abbotts View Farm

If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime, then come visit Abbotts View Farm. This farm is located in gorgeous Buckinghamshire countryside where they offer private group tours as well as one on one visits with their friendly alpacas that love attention from anyone who will give it to them – even if it’s just petting time at feeding time or being hand-fed some delicious hay by your favorite person(s).

Explore the wonders of alpaca with a friendly face. The animals at Abbotts View Farm are inquisitive and full of personality. Come out on your next day off to learn all about them, or just stop by for some fun photos taken while exploring their 22 acres.

The quaint and cozy Abbotts View Alpacas, situated at Abbotts View Farm Moat Lane Aston Abbotts, Aylesbury, HP22 4NF England, is a perfect destination for those who are looking to escape from reality. Visitors can meet our rare breed sheep, pygmy goats, ducks, rabbits, or guinea pigs while sampling some of Jo’s famous homemade cakes. The farm also offers relaxing rides on their tractor-drawn wagon tours through England’s most beautiful countryside with breathtaking views that take you away from everyday life as well if they want it too– so whether your taste runs towards adventure or relaxation, this smallholding will not disappoint.

Jo and her family run this farm in the beautiful Buckinghamshire village of Aston Abbotts with 22.5 acres, Alpacas, Greyface Dartmoor sheep & Manx Loaghtan rare breed pig 2 Kunekune rabbits, khaki Campbell ducks, Indian runner mini horse Pepper Cavachon dog Poppet schnauzer cross tabby cat Loki share their home to visitors from all over who come on tours or just take some time off while they’re down for good entertainment… Sometimes you might spot an owl swooping overhead as it hunts its prey high up among our oak trees – this is where we have most success deterring those unwanted.

They had a vision for their future, and it has been so exciting to see that dream come true. They started off with an acreage in 2012, planning permission to build the Eco Farmhouse, which is powered by solar energy and rainwater harvest tanks. Now they have 22 acres of green grassland where alpacas graze on their front porch every day.

Alpacas are a fun and engaging animal that you can share time with at Abbotts View Farm. They make great pets, as they’re inquisitive by nature. Alpaca Walks allow visitors to come to meet their animals in order for people who want an amazing furry friend or just enjoy the experience of being close to these creatures from another planet to be able to–they never forget how much love everyone has once seen their smile.

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