With lockdown measures easing, we are pleased to be getting back to the clinic to see our wonderful patients!

During lockdown, we were busy preparing the White House Dental studio for re-opening. Although we would love for our working day to go back to how it was prior to COVID 19, unfortunately that is still not possible.

Safety First – Dentists back to work after COVID-19

The safety of our patients and our team is most crucial and in view of this, we will be implementing a whole host of new
protocols, which we will continually adapt and monitor as the situation evolves.

We will, as always continue to keep up our high level of cross infection control at our dental studio in Winslow.

How can we make our Dental Studio safe after COVID-19?

We have introduced some state-of-the-art air purifier units ,which have been shown to reduce the levels of pollutants in the air, including viruses such as COVID-19. We also have a range of PPE, ranging from surgical gowns, FFP2/FFP3 masks, aprons, hair covers and shoe covers. Depending on the procedure to be completed, the suitable level of PPE will be worn by the treating dentist and nurse.

National Shortage of PPE Equipment

Unfortunately, there is a national shortage of PPE masks. However, like most of the dental practices in the U.K. who have a shortage of these PPE masks, we are working tirelessly to source more. Unfortunately, this shortage could result in certain procedures needing to be rescheduled or completed manually, such as hygienist treatments.

How else can Dentists keep you safe after COVID-19?

We are also introducing the following measures at White House Dental Studio, as we return to work now that lockdown restrictions have been eased:

  • Non contact digital thermometers will be used to check the temperature of all our staff at the start of the day and of all patients during the day.
  • Hand disinfectant will be readily available for all our patients.
  • Protective screens will be put up at reception to act as a barrier.

Finally from the whole White House Dental Studio team, we would like to thank you for your on-going support, patience and understanding and we hope to see you all very soon! Do keep safe and well!

Shakir, Nafisa, Gemini and Evelina