ODEON Aylesbury

At the ODEON Aylesbury, you’re never more than a movie away from paradise. From outer space to the Amazonian jungles and everywhere in between, there are movies that will take your mind off everything. With 6 screens of multimedia magic for family films- it’s hard not to find one worth seeing at this theatre, no matter what kind of time period catches their fancy (even before times began!).

What is a better and more fun way to spend an afternoon with the family than going out to the movies? With Odeon Kids screenings, you can bring them anywhere! The Saturday and Sunday screenings are easily accessible during any school holiday. Carefully selected children’s films will leave even adults in awe as they marvel at how much deeper our world has grown since we last watched together on the screen back then (or maybe not).

At ODEON, they’re always looking for ways to give their guests a better experience. That’s why you can find them in Aylesbury and other locations across Europe with the latest technology like 4K projectors or Virtual Reality headsets so that your visit is as fun-filled and immersive an adventure as possible.

Their cinemas are the perfect place for any movie lover looking to experience an extraordinary cinematic event. They offer a range of experiences with Dolby Atmos and iSense technology that will take your senses into another world. The largest screen in London is also theirs – so go see them at BFI IMAX, where you can feel like Harry Potter walking through Diagon Alley or soar above New York City as Spiderman does his thing onscreen big time.

ODEON’s cinema membership schemes are both unique and affordable. myODEON, the free-to-join scheme, offers guests access to exclusive content like movies from their favourite directors or stars as well as a personal experience in which they can share with others via social media channels such as Instagram stories.

In case you’re looking for an amazing place to catch the latest blockbuster, ODEON Aylesbury has everything your heart desires. Not only do they offer delicious popcorn and refreshing drinks but also Costa Coffee in many cinemas – don’t forget about their luxurious Oscar’s Bar. The ODEON Luxe offers ultimate luxury with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology alongside gourmet food options, including high end catered menu items.

Situated at Exchange Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP20 1UR, England, ODEON Aylesbury is a cinema that not only screens blockbuster films but also hosts screenings of world-class live events like dance performances and theatre productions. You also can catch your favourite sports games on their big-screen TVs as well.

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