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Looking for Invisalign orthodontic treatment in Bicester?

At the White House Dental Studio, we deliver Invisalign dental treatment to individuals from Bicester and the surrounding areas.

Invisalign invisible braces present an appealing method of straightening your teeth, without anybody knowing.

We offer 0% finance on Invisalign treatment.

What is Invisalign?

As opposed to regular metallic “train track” dental braces, Invisalign braces are clear and fit on top of your. They resemble an extremely thin, clear teeth whitening plastic tray.

Clients get a series of dental aligners that gently guide the teeth into their desired position.

Invisalign is incredibly well-liked because:

1. The treatment is able to remedy almost all problems adults and teens experience as a result of uneven teeth

2. The actual treatment is remarkably subtle: the majority of people will not even notice dental patients are actually wearing the nearly invisible orthodontic solution

3. One can take out the aligners – so that there are no issues as a result of eating specific foods, or brushing that individuals find using conventional metallic dental braces

4. The aligners are actually a lot more convenient to put in than old-fashioned braces – when metal wires and brackets often chafe against the vulnerable flesh inside the mouth.

What is Invisalign?


The road to straighter teeth couldn’t be simpler. Follow these three steps to discover the potential of an Invisalign smile:

1. Book a Free Appointment

Come in for a cost-free consultation so that we can check Invisalign is going to be successful in your case. If so, our team will take as well as digital scans with our iTero scanner in order to form a ClinCheck ® 3D treatment plan. Not only that, you’ll also be in a position to take a look at what your teeth will appear like just after the treatment right then and there!

2. Start

Your brand new aligners will be made-to-order for you by Invisalign and then sent to our dental office. You’ll be given your aligners and, after we’ve checked everything is perfect, you’ll wear them every day right before swapping to a fresh set every 1-2 weeks.

3. See Your Results!

Every 6-8 weeks you’ll visit us a appointment so that we can keep an eye on your improvement and provide you with your next aligners. Right after you’ve completed your dental treatment, you’ll be provided with a set of orthodontic retainers to make certain your teeth continue to be right in the right place!

Is Invisalign Really Worth it?

The essential question you should ask yourself while looking at any sort of treatment is “what is it worth to me?”

A straight smile, better dental well-being along with better self-esteem are details a lot of men and women are delighted to pay extra for.

As a consequence, once the treatment is concluded, our dental patients tend to share that they wish they ‘d opted for it much sooner in their lives.

Examples of Invisalign Treatments at White House Dental Studio

0% Finance on Invisalign for Patients in Bicester

How much does Invisalign cost at the White House Dental Studio?

We offer 0% finance on Invisalign treatments. If you are looking for Invisalign costs and live in or around Bicester, please contact us. We are extremely competitively-priced and will be happy to book you in for a consultation, walk you through the Invisalign process in more detail, and tell you exactly what the costs would be in your unique situation.

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If you would like to know more about Invisalign, adult braces or teeth straightening in Bicester, please contact White House Dental Studio.

We will be happy to arrange an  orthodontist appointment at our dental studio, where we can advise you what the best treatment will be for you, along with costs.

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