The Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Visitor’s Centre

The Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Visitor’s Centre, situated at Aston Road, Haddenham, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP17 8AF, England, is a perfect place for children to meet and learn about all that British wildlife has going on. In addition, they can find out how you help these animals when they are released back into their natural habitats or give them new homes with assistance from professionals at this excellent facility.

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Visitor’s Centre, located in Aylesbury has a wealth of information to offer, and it is easy for visitors of all ages. Visitors can explore the gardens, see how animals are treated at the hospital as well as get an insight into what life would be like if you were one of them.

This visitor’s centre is home to many different habitats, which house animals such as hedgehogs and deer. The visitor’s centre includes a rockery that has a waterfall in it. There’s also an amphibian bog pond for those interested in visiting this unique preserve of nature; with its diverse environment on offer here, you can find all sorts: insects (like the butterfly), birds along with waterways, or larger mammals who may have come down from their hills overhead like rabbits – but don’t forget about tawny ponies too.

Did you know that your child can go inside the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital and see what it’s like for patients without disturbing them? There are viewing windows in both busy hospital wards. For example, there is an X-ray suite where they will be able to watch as bones with live links – this way, guests get to learn how images of their bodies are captured by X-rays. And did we mention one of these hospitals has a bone exhibition too?

At the heart of Chilterns countryside, Tiggywinkles welcomes all to come and find sanctuary for your non-releasable wildlife. Built on a belief that animals deserve an opportunity at life in safety away from human activity or threats towards their well being which they might face while trying once again live out natural lives back into nature, this visitor’s center provides such a place where you can visit with their permanent residents who are blind hedgehogs & 3 legged deer without ever having any concerns about them here because everyone knows how much love goes around amongst members; but most importantly those individuals will get care assessments done every few months, so they always know what condition these precious creatures are.

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