White House Club

Terms & Conditions

Save up to 20% on dental fees when you join the White House Club!

The White House Dental Studio makes dental care more affordable when you join our White House Club Membership Scheme, which covers your routine examinations and hygienist appointments.

White House Club – Terms & Conditions

White House Club – Joining the membership scheme

When your first join the ‘White House Club’ an initial one-off admin fee of £9.50 will be collected with your first payment. Your White House Club 20% discount (certain treatments only) can then be applied immediately upon joining the plan.
What if I want to cancel my membership within 12 months?
Should you decide to cancel your ‘Membership Agreement / Direct Debit Plan’ within 12 months of receiving any discounted treatment under this plan, you will be required to pay back any discounted difference (i.e. any plan discounts you have benefited from since the commencement date of your plan agreement with us). In such an event, we will send you an invoice detailing any outstanding amount that is due. Your payment should then be received by us as a cleared payment within 28 days of the date of our invoice.
Will I have to pay any outstanding difference?
Please be aware that failure to clear any outstanding balance within 28 days, will result in a 3rd party ‘Debt Recovery Agency’ being appointed to recover the debt. The Debt Recovery Agency shall look to recover any outstanding debt that you have with White House Dental Studio. However, you will then also be liable for paying the ‘Debt Recovery Agency’ fees / administration charges, in addition to any outstanding debt you have with the White House Dental Studio. Hence, we strongly urge you to make prompt payment of our invoice to avoid any additional debt recovery charges.
Emergency appointments before your first direct debit payment
Please note that any emergency appointment required before your first direct debit payment, will be charged as a separate full rate fee.
Do you need more information? If you have any other questions concerning the White House Club membership scheme then please get in touch with us, and a member of our team will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

How much does membership cost?

£10 Per month

For anyone under the age of 25

£16.29 Per month

For anyone over the age of 25

Helping our patients

Helping patients to spread the cost of routine examinations and hygienist appointments. Talk to one of our team today to find out more about our special club.