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Looking for teeth whitening in Milton Keynes?

White House Dental Studio professional Power Teeth Whitening & DIY Home Whitening in Milton Keynes

Teeth Whitening Milton Keynes – White House Dental Studio offers a broad range of cosmetic dentistry treatments for patients in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Buckingham and Bucks.

These include our professional in-studio ‘Blue Light’ accelerated teeth whitening treatment and a choice of leading ‘Home Teeth Whitening Kits’. We also offer other leading cosmetic dentistry treatments such as ‘Veneers’ and our very popular ‘Smile Makeover’ treatment.



Affordable Teeth Whitening in Milton Keynes

Feeling confident about your smile once again! If you are looking for teeth whitening in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Buckingham or Bucks, we would love to help you! At White House Dental Studio we offer both professional in-studio ‘Blue Light Power Teeth Whitening’, and high quality ‘Home DIY Teeth Whitening Kit’ solutions. We are located in the charming market town of Winslow, on the South Western side of Milton Keynes. Hence, we look after many patients from Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Buckingham and surrounding areas in Bucks.

Our teeth whitening treatments provide fast, affordable and highly effective results. Want to know how much teeth whitening costs in Milton Keynes? Our very popular ‘Home Whitening Kits’ start from just £299! They provide a fast, safe and easy DIY solution. Alternatively, our in-studio professional ‘Blue Light Power Teeth Whitening’ treatments start from just £450. Find out more!


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Looking for tooth whitening in Milton Keynes? Or wondering how much it costs to whiten your teeth? Please contact us for more information or to book a tooth whitening consultation.

How does Teeth Whitening work?

At White House Dental Studio, we offer two types of teeth whitening treatments; home whitening and power whitening, and both treatments produce brilliant results.

How long does Teeth Whitening take?

Teeth Whitening is a very quick process and you can achieve long-lasting results in as little as a few days with our power whitening treatment.

Are there any risks with Teeth Whitening?

Our teeth whitening treatments are completely safe, causing no damage to your teeth.

How much does Teeth Whitening cost?

Teeth whitening treatments start at just £299, offering great value for money with instant results that are sure to get noticed.

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Smile Makeover

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, forming an important life tool for social interaction with others.

You may have missing, damaged or perhaps just discoloured teeth. Whatever your personal situation might be, our cosmetic dentistry treatments really can achieve amazing results, giving you the confident new smile you deserve!

Our smile makeovers can significantly improve the appearance of teeth and gums. In some cases it can be as simple as replacing discoloured fillings. Some patients may also benefit from teeth straightening, whitening and other treatments. 


Veneers – What are they?

A veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain that is constructed to fit over the surface of the tooth. It can correct the colour, shape and overall appearance of an individual tooth.

Veneers are directly attached to a tooth’s surface using a special super strong dental adhesive. Hence, very little preparation is needed to fit them.

White House Dental Studio are committed to the ‘Dental Association Fee Guide’, which is why our veneers start from just £695, or if you are a member of the White House Club, other discounts may apply.


Cosmetic Bonding

Dental bonding is a method of cosmetic dentistry where a tooth coloured resin is applied to improve the shape and close gaps between teeth. The resin is hardened with a special light, which will bond the material securely to the natural tooth.

By using cosmetic bonding, it’s possible to ensure that a minimum amount of tooth structure is removed. This helps to enhance the potential life of your teeth as well as keep them looking clean and fresh. Ask us about cosmetic bonding today!

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White House Dental Studio – Your local teeth whitening clinic for Milton Keynes & Aylesbury!

If you would like to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile, please contact White House Dental Studio today. Whether you are looking to improve the colour, shape or general appearance of your teeth, we would love to help you at our newly refurbished dental practice in Winslow, Milton Keynes, Bucks.

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Why choose White House Dental Studio for Cosmetic Dentistry?


Affordable Treatments

We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable dental care, with fillings starting from just £120. Additionally, we also offer a membership scheme with free consultations and 20% discount on the majority of treatments.

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Friendly & Experienced

Our highly experienced team are here to look after you, as well as your teeth. As demonstrated by our many ‘Google 5 Star’ customer reviews, we strive to provide patients with a first class professional service and high quality personal care. 

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Our Work

We understand the difference a new smile can make to an individuals life, providing renewed confidence and self-esteem. The above image shows a typical example of our work. (With thanks to patient X for letting us show their wonderful new smile).

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